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House of Ulysses



When we bought Maison d'Ulysse, we wanted to find a house where we could welcome our new family, design our new life, welcome our friends, live in peace and quiet, and be happy!

But because this place undeniably exudes something indefinable, a feeling of serenity, of calm, of peace... I immediately and intuitively imagined organising stays here for people who needed to take a step back, to give themselves time to settle down, to let go, to bounce back in both their private and professional spheres, to no longer be subjected to a situation, but to look at it with fresh eyes.

My sole aim at the end of your stay is for you to be able to say: "there was a before and an after to the house of Ulysse".

Within Maison of Ulysse, I wear several hats:

  • Welcome you on the phone to listen to your needs;
  • Offer you the holiday that suits you best, and plan it with you;
  • Together with the Maison and Ulysse teams, organise and orchestrate all the activities you choose;
  • Ensuring your well-being throughout your stay;
  • But also, at your request, to receive you in my office located within the Maison of Ulysse for one or more individual sessions of accompaniment.



Graduate of Grenoble business school, then graduate and certified in the ComColors method, involved in the voluntary sector offer a wide range of training courses in management, emotional intelligence and personal development.

After a very intensive career in the field of business development strategy, she has worked with numerous managers and teams as a sales director, operations director, trainer in negotiation and management techniques, and then as an independent consultant over the last 10 years, particularly in the healthcare sector, Throughout my career, I have nurtured the project of becoming a psychopratitioner, by training myself in aspects of emotional intelligence, managing different personality profiles, the dynamics of grief, etc.

In this way, I have helped many company directors, teams and individuals with a wide range of problems and suffering (bereavement, loss of confidence, professional deadlock and difficulties, difficult communication and interaction, loss of interest and dynamism, lack of foresight when making decisions, etc.).

I'm also very involved in the association "Getting through bereavement better  as a bereavement counsellor, which has greatly developed my understanding of the process, complications and pathologies of bereavement. In fact, I've been lucky enough to work alongside Christophe FAURE  a psychiatrist and psychotherapist widely recognised in France as the benchmark for bereavement and life disruption supportsecretary of the same association.


House of Ulysses
Maison d'Ulysse - Seminars and breaks in Provence

Christophe FAURE's biography begins with :

"The meaning of life does not exist in itself, but is constructed at every moment, with intelligence and wisdom, for one's own benefit and that of others"..

I like this phrase, which is why I quote it, because for me there are several sources of meaning. To give meaning is to find significance in our existence, to understand what's going on around us, in our work, our family life, defining our expectations and our relationship with our own finitude. To find the meaning we want to give to our lives, we must first find the courage to ask ourselves some fundamental questions. Courage, because it can be painful to realise that the life we lead is not compatible with our aspirations, our priorities, our personality, our beliefs or our values. Have we lost our way? It's essential to be able to put words to our problems and make sense of them. understand our choices, our failures and our motivations, understand why we are where we are today, and perhaps that's when you might need to come and meet me, at the Maison of Ulysse, to chart a new course ...


Personally, I've always practised sport, to a greater or lesser extent depending on the period, the year and the context, but what's certain is that when I don't do it, or don't do it enough, my morale and my mental dynamics suffer immediately, it's so obvious. So sport is non-negotiable, it's essential, if only for a few minutes a day. I feel like a fighter after a sports session, it's magical!  


I do a variety of sports, some since I was a teenager, others more recently: cycling, walking, fitness, wing foiling, running, skiing, golf, motorcycling... in short, anything that gives me pleasure and gets me moving.

No one doubts any longer that The well-being of body and mind are inseparable. A session of physical activity of any kind has a positive and direct influence on our cognitive performance improving our ability to plan and solve problems as well as long-term memory.

 My doctrine : " Anything is possible if you dream, dare, work and never give up.

How I deal with difficulties : Substituting the simple invisible for the complicated visible.


Yoga - Maison d'Ulysse - Mas de Charme en Provence


Because when I myself went through periods of questioning, of immense fatigue, of mourning, I would certainly have liked to have been welcomed in a special place like the home of Ulysse with the kind of à la carte support on offer.

Because I am convinced that we are not all equal when it comes to our psychological state, our inner attitude and our general state of mindBut I'm also convinced that nothing is inevitable and that with effective tools, good advice and practical, pragmatic methods, a person who is melancholy, pessimistic, despondent or discouraged..., can fundamentally transform the way we approach our lives, moving forward to achieve our aspirations, no longer suffering a situation, but looking at it with fresh eyes.

Because I'm undeniably driven by taking charge of a situation, a project, a person, listening, analysing, assessing the situation and then guiding to move forward and succeed in achieving the desired objective.



The worst thing that can happen to a patient is to find that they are going round in circles, that nothing is moving forward. Drawing on my professional and personal experience, my support is pragmatic, concrete and effective.  

My ambition is to provide you with simple, practical tools to enable you to take action on a day-to-day basis, to carry out actions that may sometimes seem minor, but that's how we become stronger and move forward!

My support is based on 3 pillars:

  1. Getting to know yourself using the COMCOLORS method
  2. Reversing the perspective: Focus on the solution and not on the problem (TOOLS method)
  3. Energise your body to give your mind wings
Yoga - Maison d'Ulysse - Mas de Charme en Provence


House of Ulysses


Don't change a thing, you're great!

Each session together will be a real bubble of caring, reassuring and soothing, allowing you to discover yourself.


Do you have any questions?

Ideally situated at the crossroads of Provence, the Languedoc and Cévennes regions and the Mediterranean, near Nîmes, Arles, Avignon and the Pont du Gard. This is an idyllic setting for an unforgettable stay in Provence.