Maison d'Ulysse, gîte in Provence

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Maison d'Ulysse - Seminars and breaks in Provence


Make your mark with the privatisation of the House of Ulysses !

Are you planning to organise your CoDIR, CoMEX, CoPIL CoMOP or customer-supplier seminar? Are you looking for an exceptional, private, intimate venue in a unique setting, offering complete peace of mind and total confidentiality ?

Maison d'Ulysse, located near Nîmes, is the ideal place to hold your seminars in small groups. Freshen up your ideas, bring your staff closer together, with our full range of services and activities that will make your event unforgettable.

The team at Ulysse will be delighted to help you organise your tailor-made business event, and to respond to all your requests. Choosing our prestigious residence for your seminar is the assurance of an unforgettable moment of relaxation and work.

Our prestigious building can also accommodate other special exclusive events such as film or advertising shoots, photo shoots, fashion shows, artists' exhibitions, etc.

Don't hesitate to contact us for more information. We will be delighted to welcome you to our home and organise the prestigious event that meets your requirements.


Swimming pool - Maison d'Ulysse - Mas de Charme en Provence


Our house has comfortable and elegant rooms for those who wish to sleep on site. With them, you can organise a business event over several days without worrying about sleeping arrangements for your staff.  22 people in accommodation

In this 15th-century fortified farmhouse, your staff will travel through the unique decor of our 3 bedrooms and 6 suites, ranging in size from 30 to 75 m2.

There are numerous restaurants within easy reach of Ulysse. We have all the equipment you need to make your business seminar a success. Our two meeting rooms are equipped with conference equipment, large screen, video projector and WI-FI fibre connection to facilitate communication.   

During your company seminar, your employees will be able to take advantage of our SPA and swimming pool, as well as all the extras at Maison d'Ulysse, to recharge their batteries after an intense day's work.

Motivate your staff and improve team relations with our activities exceptional Team Building activities: Golf, Kitesurfing, Wingfoil, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, enduro, go-karting, driving on a motorbike circuit, etc. Depending on your needs, we can tailor the list of activities to meet your expectations.


The advantages of organising your corporate event in a prestigious and atypical venue

The lush, relaxing setting of Maison d'Ulysse offers a more relaxed, less formal atmosphere for your business events and CODIR seminars. Getting your staff out of your working environment will encourage them to participate and communicate more easily.

 The Maison of Ulysse is also the ideal place for strengthen your team cohesion in a space that encourages creativity and innovation among your employees. Your corporate seminar will be enriched by new experiences and a new environment. The nature of the location will make your corporate event more attractive, and our team-building activities will help your employees to relax and make the most of their stay.

 Finally, an atypical venue such as Maison at Ulysse offers an atmosphere that facilitates informal exchanges, ideal for your customer invitations. The relaxing atmosphere of our luxurious home gives you the perfect opportunity to strengthen your customer relationships and/or business partnerships.

House of Ulysses
House of Ulysses


In addition to her Team Building activities, Nelly DEL CASTILLO, a development strategy consultant and psychopratician, offers to take part in your seminar to strengthen the motivation and cohesion of your teams. Certified COMCOLORS since 2014, the ComColors method enables her to provide you with concrete and innovative solutions for better management, communication and teamwork.

Are you ready to launch a profound change in your teams to improve their well-being at work and your company's performance?

Team cohesion is a major issue for the performance of the teams themselves, but also for that of the company. While team members are often recruited on the basis of their skills, cohesion is built on the quality of relationships and the desire to share and help each other. So many soft skills that can't be put in place by wave of a magic wand.

The ComColors approach for companies therefore consists of discover the personality of each member of the teamas a team. Team cohesion is born of this sharing, this mutual understanding of the behaviours linked to the personality types that make up the team.

Once you have discovered the personalities of each of your employees, you will be able to :

  • Keep every member of your teams motivated
  • Build team cohesion
  • Unite your teams effectively around a common project
  • Build employee loyalty


Grenoble Business School
Professional trainer" diploma
1998 to present:
Ongoing training, in particular courses on management, emotional intelligence and personal development
1998 - 2014
Employed in the following positions: Saleswoman - Sales Director - Regional Sales Inspector - Trainer for sales teams and managers - Business Unit Manager - Operations Director
ComColors certified
Since 2014:
- Independent consultant in business development strategy in the health sector - Psychopratitioner & Personal Development Guide
Maison d'Ulysse - Seminars and breaks in Provence


Without a doubt, I draw a direct parallel between my initial profession in the business development/marketing and my second profession of psychopratician because both call on qualities and skills that are so comparable.

In business, to be a successful salesperson, you need to master sales techniques, but you also need to be a top performer over the long term, psychologist skills are essential ! We need to learn and capitalise on cognitive biases (thought mechanisms) that underpin purchasing decisions, and make it easier to convince a customer/person to take action.

Then, as a manager and consultant, I quickly realised that it was neither effective nor possible to manage a team, made up of different personalities, in a single way and that I had to understand how each member of my team worksI wanted to find out what affects them, what motivates them in the long term, so that I could speak to them in their own language, in order to communicate better and work together more serenely and effectively. It was at this point that I became really interested in psychology and started training.

My two professions, consultant and psychopratician, are not mutually exclusive - quite the contrary. Psychology and marketing/commerce are two fields that overlap in many ways.

By understanding the psychological principles that determine human behaviour, marketing and business development specialists can create more efficiently messages and campaigns that appeal to their audience. target audiences.

Conversely, by studying how people react to marketing messages and campaigns, psychologists can better understand the workings of the human mind.

La relationship between psychology and marketing/commerce is long and rich.


Like many business leaders who can testify to the effectiveness of my methods, my commitment and my professionalism, you can trust me to give you the keys to optimising your team's performance! 

The proposed method :

Prior to the seminar, for each employee & manager:

Don't change a thing, you're great!

In the midst of all injunctions to change that we all receive on a daily basis, we have taken the gamble that you already had everything you needed to succeed. The real challenge is to discover your true personalitybeyond the masks and external demands. Accept yourself as you are opens the door to your natural strengths that you can build on to succeed.

ComColors acts as revealing your authentic way of working. You'll then be on the road to profound transformation of your environment and your expectations to match them to you, quite simply.

Before the seminar :

Your introspection through 98 questions, 10-20 minutes. Your path to your ComColors profile begins with a 98-question questionnaire, which you complete in peace and quiet before the seminar. The aim is to bring out your natural behaviours and test which traits you display most frequently in your day-to-day life.

Your answers are analysed through the prism of psychometrics. You get results in the form of percentages for each of the 6 colours in the ComColors model.

The ComColors model defines 6 personality types represented by colours. We all have all 6 personality types in varying percentages.

The two highest percentages represent your dominant colour and your secondary colour.

Each personality type has its own way of expressing itself and understanding the world. These variations in communication and perception can lead to misunderstandings, difficulties in teamwork and even conflict.

By understanding our own way of working and that of others, it becomes possible to open a calmer discussion. Misunderstandings are reduced and the message is better understood by the parties involved.

During the seminar :

Individual interviewsA free discussion with Nelly DEL CASTILLO, 100% confidential, 60 minutes by video or face-to-face. Nelly will present your results and together we will validate your profile.
Your ComColors profile contains essential information about how you function on a daily basis. Discovering the colours of your personality is the key to reconnecting with your true motivation!

It's not just a question of explaining the personality type obtained, but of challenging it entirely to avoid the biases of self-perception.
In the ComColors approach, the declarative elements are re-examined in order to rule out anything that might interfere with the identification of your personality type, such as social desirability or learned behaviour. The idea is to eliminate the discrepancy between the image you have of yourself or the image you wish to project and the reality of your personality.

A personalised written assessment of your personality, ua new look at yourself, practical tools that are easy to implement.


Your individual interview has enabled you to distinguish between your natural behaviours and your learned behaviours. You now have access to your ComColors profile. This gives you your personality assessment. This 20-page illustrated document contains all the information you need about your colours, as well as practical advice on how to improve your communication and boost your motivation.

  • Your personality traits
  • Your favourable working environment
  • Your perception filter
  • The heart of your motivation
  • Your organisational style
  • Your favourite roles in a team
  • Your behaviour under stress
House of Ulysses

The benefits of support

For your employees

Know your personality colours allows become aware of your strengths and reconnect with your motivation to reduce the expression of behaviour under stress. It also helps you to avoid conflict situations and to understand the value you add as part of a team. In short, it's a new way of looking at yourself that gives you a new sense of purpose. the opportunity to express your true personality, to be able to reveal their role within a team or a company and to flourish in both their professional and personal lives.

Thanks to Nelly DEL CASTILLO's coaching method, you will Discover your deepest and most enduring motivations and unleash your full powers!

Development session

For executives / managers

Using the Comcolors method, Nelly DEL CASTILLO brings you practical solutions to the problems of well-being at work, motivation, involvement and loyalty of your employees. By the end of this support programme, you will be able to : 

  • Reducing stressful situations By identifying your own stress factors and building on your strengths, you'll be able to respond more effectively to the stressful situations around you;
  • Defusing conflict By identifying the criteria for non-communication and disagreement in your teams, and applying simple techniques, you will be able to prevent and defuse tensions;
  • Managing effectively : By gaining a better understanding of the personality, operating style and real motivations of each of your employees, you will be able to connect with them, to make management easier and more effective!

Measurable results?

Over the years, we have been able to evaluate the results of ComColors solutions for businessesand validate that they are constant, positive and sustainable. If there are no measurable figures in the "non-commercial" teams, the impact is just as significant and visibleAs described above, our employees are significantly more motivated, involved and loyal to their company.

Salespeople and sales managers who use the ComColors approach have observed the following in concrete terms sales growthMotivation, effective communication and self-confidence are directly reflected in sales performance.

For example the results we measured for a sales team after one year :

  • 33 % increase in sales
  • 29 % efficiency increase
  • 25% increase in cases handled


In short, it's about discovering and nurturing the motivations of each of your employees to reveal the power within them!


Meeting room

A flexible meeting room

Located on the ground floor

Surface area: 50 m2

Capacity :

  • Theatre: 60 people
  • School: 20 people
  • U: 15 people
  • Banquet: 30 people


Adjoining 80 m² courtyard (for outdoor meetings, coffee breaks, outdoor lunches, etc.)

Meeting room

A flexible meeting room

Located in the DRC

Surface area: 90 m2

Capacity :

  • Theatre: 100 people
  • School: 40 people
  • U: 30 people
  • Banquet: 80 people


House of Ulysses

Catering during your seminar

Several options are available: on-site catering with Chef Timmy Jegun, with our catering partners, or off-site catering in one of the many restaurants close to Maison d'Ulysse :

  • Chef Timmy Jegun at the home of Ulysse: Timmy Jegun trained as a chef and has worked in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in France and abroad. At your request, Timmy Jegun will cook the menu of your choice especially for you. He revisits the greatest classics of French cuisine, adding an Asian touch.  Discover
  • Our partner caterers A catering offer with regional flavours adapted to your needs. Our catering partners have been selected for their experience and the quality of their services. They offer a range of menus to suit the season and your requirements. Cocktails, Lunch, Dinner, Garden Party, Brunch, etc.
  • There are a number of restaurants in the vicinity of Ulysse.. Depending on your tastes, your budget and your expectations, we will reserve the best table for you.

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Would you like to discuss your next seminar or exclusive event with us? 

Contact us on 06 70 13 09 78