Maison d'Ulysse, gîte in Provence

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La Maison d'Ulysse

A contemporary twist on an authentic house

Located in the centre of the village of Baron, 10 minutes from UzèsLa Maison d'Ulysse is a haven of peace whose charm lies as much in the stone building as in its interior. the surrounding gardens. Sericulture, or silkworm rearing, was practised here.

Renovated in keeping with the authenticity of the site, this 17th-century farmhouse was the birthplace of the poet-archaeologist Ulysse Dumas, a leading local figure in the late 19th century. This group of buildings, located opposite the town hall in the village of Baron, forms part of the central core of the village. Prior to the works, it consisted of a fortified farm with several buildings, including a silkworm farm, a stable, a hayloft and a shed.

The buildings are closing in on a small south-facing courtyard protected from the prevailing winds and a patio. To the rear, a natural area was once a field of mulberry trees used for sericulture.



The house was born a key local figure, Ulysse Dumas, who gave him his name. A simple farmer born in 1872, Ulysse Dumas became a pioneer of archaeological research in our region of the Gard. He made major discoveries, notably about the prehistoric occupation of Uzès.

Ulysse Dumas, a portraitist above all else, mainly photographed the people he came into contact with on a daily basis: his family, friends and neighbours, but also the postman or the village stationmaster! The portraits were taken in the open air, most of them in the courtyard of the house as it still stands today.
Through his photographs, we can discover a whole slice of life in the Gard region around 1900.

Ulysse - House of Ulysses


Coursive of the Maison d'Ulysse


Immediately seduced by the architectural quality The previous owners, Guy and Gauthier, bought the property in 2005, appreciating the aesthetic appeal of certain features such as vaulted floors, French ceilings, stone vaults and authentic materials. They saw the potential for extending and developing the farm areas, and noticed the admirable height of the silkworm nursery, which gave them a more modern vision for their development project.

After extensive renovation work La Maison d’Ulysse In 2009, it became a unique guest house, awarded the "Fondation du Patrimoine" label thanks to the quality of its restoration project and its heritage interest. It then became a highly acclaimed 4-star hotel, voted France's most beautiful and charming establishment in 2017.

Each room has been thought through and decorated by them. During their travels in France, Belgium, Holland and India, they hunted out and collected decorative elements to give each room an original character, while maintaining a guiding principle that combines modernity and minimalist chic, authentic materials and contemporary furniture. 

Then, after 17 years devoted to the House of UlyssesGuy and Gauthier decided to embark on a brand new adventure in Bali and began looking for buyers.



In 2022, Nelly & Tarik were looking for a house in the south of France to accommodate their children, families and friends. They wanted a house with character that was both authentic and refined. It was an instant crush! " La Maison d'Ulysse is just as we dreamed it would be, with its authentic stonework, large living rooms, patio, enchanting courtyard, gardens and refined finishes.

In 2024, strengthened by her professional experience and the potential of the house, Nelly decided to slow down her professional activity as a business consultant, to devote herself a little more to the House of Ulysses and offer it as a venue for seminars, wellness and reconnection breaks, tailor-made business events, exhibitions, etc...

"We look forward to welcoming you to our paradise, which is la Maison d'Ulysse". Nelly & Tarik

House of Ulysses

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