Maison d'Ulysse, gîte in Provence

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Well-being breaks

The team

All those involved in Maison of Ulysse qualified and qualified in their field, will be delighted to welcome you and make your stay a memorable exceptional stay.

Don't wait any longer, come and recharge your batteries in our haven of peace, entirely dedicated to your well-being.


Your host and personal development guide


1994-1998 Graduated from Grenoble Business School

1998 - 2014 Sales director, director of operations, trainer of sales teams and managers, BU director, director of operations,

2011 Professional trainer" diploma

Since 2013: Volunteer with the association

2014 ComColors certified

Since 1998: a wide range of management, emotional intelligence and personal development training courses.

Nelly is constantly learning. It's not an obligation, but a way of life, a privilege. 

"Continuing to train means continuing to grow, expanding my skills so that I can put them to good use for all the people I support".

Since 2014 :

  • Business development strategy consultant in the healthcare sector
  • Psychotherapist & Personal Development Guide


Nelly welcomes you for one or more individual coaching sessions in her office at Maison d'Ulysse.

The 1er The foundation of her coaching is based on the philosophy of the ComColors model, of which she has been certified since 2014. Nelly is convinced that we already have everything we need to succeed. The real challenge is to discover our true personalitybeyond the masks and external demands. 

Accepting ourselves as we are, opens the door to our natural strengths that we can draw on to succeed, flourish and be happy.

Discover the colours of your personality to unleash your full powers!

House of Ulysses


House of Ulysses

Your coach: Yoga, pilates, fitness, muscle strengthening, harmonising massages,


State diploma in sports education

  • Diploma in dietetics Doctor Martin Privat nutrition expert
  • Reiki Ta Tô Qi graduate is a traditional method of well-being and health practised through the laying on of hands. Once initiated, the practitioner becomes capable of capturing energy present in space and transmitting it to himself or to the person for whom he is practising.
  • Access Bars graduate (Access Bars is a pragmatic and powerful method of energy clearing that enables you to eliminate limiting beliefs and ways of functioning (fears, moral suffering, spirals of repeated failure and so on). Access Bars® gives you free access to your true nature. Your true nature is then free to express itself with simplicity and spontaneity. By gently touching certain points on the head with your fingers, you relearn to simply welcome, giving up all effort. The flow of thoughts calms itself. The Bars are the connections that are activated when the practitioner gently touches 32 parallel points on the skull. Activating these points helps to release the electromagnetic charge of thoughts, beliefs and points of view that limit us. The Bars allow you to experience a moment of deep relaxation, helping you to unwind both mentally and physically and reconnecting you to your true being, to lightness, joy and creativity.


Valérie was a fitness instructor for thirty years in Marseille, at the Azur-Forme centre.


Titles :

  • In 2001 French Body Fitness Champion for 3 consecutive years
  • In 2002 World Fitness Vice-Champion


With all her training and skills, Valérie offers you holistic coaching. From getting back into shape, to relaxation and meditation, to regaining your morale and health, thanks to physical, energetic and mind-body techniques.

Yoga, pilates, fitness, muscle strengthening, harmonising massages, magnetism, Reiki.


Your certified masseuse


Qualified by the FFMBE (Fédération française des massages bien être).

Mathilde is an energetic well-being massage practitioner, offering a range of massages with a gentle, caring approach.

She will take the time to listen to you and bring awareness to every part of your body. A gentle or dynamic massage according to your needs and desires, on a table or ergonomic chair.

Mathilde also gives massages to children. From an early age, Mathilde helps children become aware of their bodies, learn to manage their stress and emotions, and discuss these issues.
Interactive sound care. A moment for our little ones, full of love and kindness.

"Our body is our temple, let's take care of it".

House of Ulysses


House of Ulysses

Your beauty and massage experts


Levina and Armelle are both graduates of the Méthode Renata FrancaThe Renata Franca method is an exclusive method of lymphatic drainage and relaxing massage and modelling. The Renata Franca method is the best drainage and remodelling method in the world.

Armelle also works as a Reflexologist for many years.

What are the benefits of foot reflexology?

Foot reflexology helps the body to regain balance. It improves the circulation of vital energy and enables an organ, system or area of the body to be rebalanced, by acting at a distance. Reflexology energises the body, improving its functions.

Levina, she is particularly involved with the beauty for your hands and feet, and threading.

They offer a full range of services, including waxing, facials, foot care and tailor-made massages,  Renata Franca drainageFoot reflexology.


Your professional massage therapist
Relaxation through energetic massage


A beautician and massage therapist in the Gard region of France, he created "Kaleïdo Créateur de Bien-Être" in 2009.

William offers wellness treatments (massage, relaxation, foot reflexology, Japanese energetics, phytotherapy).

He offers his own professional approach to relaxation, drawing on traditional modelling techniques from around the world.

Her "KALEÏDO" massage combines gentle and more invigorating techniques: relaxation and escape. This massage allows you to maintain a Zen level of awareness so you can enjoy every moment.

For experienced sportsmen and women, or simply for those who are physically active, William also offers a post-exercise sports massage.

William's menu includes energetic massages, tummy massages, sports massages and Swedish massages.

As a professional massage therapist, he chooses his natural, paraffin-free massage oils for their slipperiness and texture, but also for their pleasant fragrance: sesame oil, sweet almond oil, jasmine-scented sunflower oil, traditional Monoï...

House of Ulysses


House of Ulysses

Your yoga coach and sound therapist


Anaïs offers yoga classes for all levels.

With her, discover hatha yoga, a discipline for everyone. Hatha yoga is a series of postures (asana) combined with breathing exercises (pranayama).

But it's also with all her gentleness and great sensitivity that Anaïs invites you to re-establish the most intimate links with yourself, thanks to the treatment with Tibetan bowls called sonotherapy.

Sonotherapy uses sound and vibration to bring relaxation and rebalance the natural electromagnetic field emitted by our bodies. The body absorbs vibrations. And we know that certain vibrations have both physical and psychological therapeutic virtues.

Anaïs uses several instruments that emit sounds and vibrations of varying degrees of power, including Tibetan bowls, drums and her voice.

Sonotherapy has many benefits. It helps to :

  • Reduce stress, let go;
  • Decrystallise and release tension, blockages and physical pain;
  • Revitalises the immune system, lymphatic system and vital energy;
  • Regenerate cells (made up of water, they resonate with the instruments)
  • Release emotional burdens;
  • Cleanse the energy centres ;
  • Reconnecting with yourself.


A truly suspended moment, a sonic journey to the sounds of drums and Tibetan bowls.


Your chef


Timmy Jegun trained as a chef and worked in a number of Michelin-starred restaurants in France and abroad from 2010 to 2020: Chez Bruno, 1 star in the Michelin Guide, specialising in truffles, where he took a consulting course abroad: In Beaulieu/mer at the 2-star restaurant, "La Réserve", at the Restaurant "Le Délos" Ile Paul Ricard (Bendor), at the 3-star restaurant "La maison des bois" Marc Verra Manigod, at the "Chalet Christine Talloires" Annecy, at the Brasserie "La Rotonde" Thonon les bains, at the 1-star restaurant "Le Skab" Nîmes and finally at the gourmet bistro "Le Dé-k-lé" in Nîmes.


From June 2021Chef Timmy invites himself to our tables and takes care of everything:

  • Purchase of products,
  • Preparing the meal,
  • Served by the plate,
  • Setting the table,
  • Decoration,
  • Tidying up the kitchen,


"The aim is to help you discover my passion for cooking, to surprise you, to give you some practical advice and to offer you a quality service just like in a restaurant".


Traditional French cuisine with an Asian twist.

  • The dishes are 100 % homemade
  • Fresh, seasonal products
  • Local producers.
  • All the meat comes from France


Timmy will concoct menus to suit your desires and objectives during your stay at Maison d'Ulysse: healty, sporty, culinary pleasure...

House of Ulysses


House of Ulysses

Your Art Therapist


Stéphanie is driven by creativity in all its forms. Every day, she finds a blank canvas where she can give free rein to her passion for painting, drawing, ceramics and modelling.


The infinite palette of colours, the contours she delicately traces, the soothing sensation of the earth slipping through her fingers: all this inspires her and transports her to a world where only the imagination reigns.


Painting, drawing, ceramics and modelling are her favourite tools for escaping from everyday life and letting her soul speak. Each of her creations is a window onto her inner world, a reflection of her deepest emotions and thoughts. When she immerses herself in her art, time seems to stand still.


At Ulysse Stéphanie offers you a privileged space for creativity and expression. The worries of everyday life fade away, giving way to a deep sense of freedom and well-being. Your hands become an extension of your spirit, passionately crafting works that carry within them all your feelings, your moods and your hopes.


In this space of creativity and expression, you will find a refuge where you can be yourself to the full, without constraints or judgements. Stéphanie uses artistic creation (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, etc.) to help you get in touch with your inner life (feelings, dreams, the unconscious, etc.), express it and transform yourself.


Each of your creations is a celebration of the alchemy between your inner life and your ability to bring it out into the open, to integrate awareness and change within yourself.


Your mountain leader and nature guide


Your guide Loïc, a mid-mountain leader, will be able to suggest and accompany you on the most beautiful hikes..

Loïc is a very special person, with a passion for botany, a big child of the South, curious, dreamy and full of energy. His playground is the Gardon gorges, where he offers unusual walks to discover the flora and fauna of this unique area.

As he comes across plants along the way, he likes to use our 5 senses to help us discover nature and wild edible plants through tales, legends, anecdotes and magic tricks.

Thanks to Loïc, the discoveries you'll make along the way are just as exciting as those you'll make on a long-haul trip. The unusual appears with every step you take. It's an exploration through our senses, where nature gradually unfolds to reveal itself to us.

"Man has had a very long relationship with nature since prehistoric times. A relationship that is often forgotten or lost over time.

House of Ulysses

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Ideally situated at the crossroads of Provence, the Languedoc and Cévennes regions and the Mediterranean, near Nîmes, Arles, Avignon and the Pont du Gard. This is an idyllic setting for an unforgettable stay in Provence.