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Your personal development holiday

Don't change a thing, you're great!

Your stay at Maison d'Ulysse will be a real bubble of benevolence, reassuring and soothing, allowing you to discover yourself.


Develop a better understanding of yourself

Nelly DEL CASTILLO aims to give you a better understanding of yourself, so that you can achieve personal fulfilment, boost your well-being and increase your self-confidence, thanks to her personalised and privileged support throughout your stay at Maison d'Ulysse. 


The 1er he foundation of Nelly's coaching is based on the philosophy of the ComColors model, of which she has been certified since 2014. For her, in the midst of all the injunctions to change that we all receive on a daily basis, she is convinced that we already have everything we need to succeed. The real challenge is to discover our true personalitybeyond the masks and external demands. Accepting ourselves as we are, opens the door to our natural strengths that we can draw on to succeed, flourish and be happy.


In the ComColors approach, there are no no defects to correct to be better, or skills to develop to perform better. Nevertheless, there is develop better self-knowledge for :  

  • Be more motivated by having a better understanding of your internal states
  • Understanding its specific contribution to the team, the family, and its personal and professional social life.
  • Better managementthe stressful situations around us
  • Improving relationshipspersonal and professional
  • Knowing how to clear minesavoid strained relations in time to avoid conflict

The method used by Nelly DEL CASTILLO acts like a revealing your authentic way of working. You'll then be on the road to profound transformation of your environment and your expectations to match them to you, quite simply.

Discovering the colours of your personality is the key to reconnecting with your true motivation!

House of Ulysses


Development session

Ahead of your stay at Maison d'Ulysse

Your path to your ComColors profile begins with a 98-question questionnaire (20-30 minutes), which you will complete in the peace and quiet of your own home, prior to your stay at Maison d'Ulysse. The aim is to bring out your natural behaviours and test which traits you display most frequently on a daily basis.

Your answers are analysed through the prism of psychometrics. You get results in the form of percentages for each of the 6 colours in the ComColors model.

The ComColors model defines 6 personality types represented by colours. We all have the 6 personality types in varying percentages.

The two highest percentages represent your dominant colour and your secondary colour.

Each personality type has its own way of expressing itself and understanding the world. These variations in communication and perception can lead to misunderstandings, difficulties in communicating, in being understood, in working as part of a team, and even conflicts.

Each personality type has its own motivations, organisational style and reactions to stressful situations.

By understanding our own way of working and that of others, it becomes possible to open a calmer discussion. Misunderstandings are reduced and the message is better understood by the parties involved. But above all, to reconnect with our deepest motivations and reduce the manifestation of our behaviour under stress.


During your stay at Maison d'Ulysse :

Discovering the colours of your personality is the key to reconnecting with your true motivation!

Individual interviewsA 60-minute free discussion with Nelly DEL CASTILLO, 100% confidential. Nelly will present you with your results. Your ComColors profile contains essential information about how you function on a daily basis. It's not just a question of explaining the personality type you've obtained, but also of identifying your personality type. to challenge it fully to avoid self-perception bias.

Indeed the questionnaire asks you about your habits and personality. When you answer them, you naturally tend to project yourself onto the person who meets the expectations of others, your spouse, your family, your company or the person you'd like to be! That's why Nelly DEL CASTILLO will ask you specific questions about yourself and the way you function during the interview... to bring out your true personality.

This interview is therefore a crucial step of the process of identifying your personality type, which allows you to relevant results. The aim is to eliminate the discrepancy between the image you have of yourself or want to project and the reality of your personality.

A personalised, written assessment of your personality, a fresh look at yourself and practical, easy-to-implement tools.

Your individual interview has enabled you to distinguish between your natural behaviours and your learned behaviours. You now have access to your ComColors profile, you get your personality assessment. This 20-page illustrated document contains all the information you need about your colours, as well as practical, concrete advice to improve your communication and boost your motivation.

  • Your personality traits
  • Your favourable working environment
  • Your perception filter
  • The heart of your motivation
  • Your organisational style
  • Your favourite roles in a team or in your family
  • Your behaviour under stress

Know your personality colours allows become aware of your strengths and reconnect with your motivation to reduce the manifestation of behaviour under stress. It also helps to avoid situations of conflict, and to understand the added value they bring to their professional and personal lives within their circle of family and friends. 

Discovering your personality helps you to understand your reactions to situations.

The clarity this brings will enable you, in just a few hours or days, to take better care of your motivation, be more lucid when faced with stressful situations, communicate better with others - children, spouses, friends - and help you make the right decisions for yourself.

In short, it's a new way of looking at yourself and your work. the chance to express your true personality !

House of Ulysses


House of Ulysses

After your personality assessment

Once this essential foundation has been laid, getting to know yourself better,  we'll continue on the path of your personal development with other concrete and effective tools, in particular :

This tool helps you to implement the colours of your personality in a lasting way on a daily basis. For example :

  • The "Motivation"Sends you daily notifications to encourage you to satisfy the motivation specific to your personality type, and keep your energy up for the long term;
  • The "Managing relationshipsYou can use the "Personality Type" tool to identify the personality type of a colleague, spouse, etc., and then receive advice on how to improve their personality. improve understanding and communication with this person.


The ComColors application is the tool that supports you on a daily basis, enabling you to taking care of yourself andimprove your relationships with ease!

Thanks to a better understanding of yourself, which is the 1st fundamental step in my coaching, you have set in motion the process of your personal development. You have been confronted with yourself, your motivations and your deepest reactions under stress, and we can now continue on the road to your personal fulfilment.

I have chosen to base my coaching sessions solely on methods that offer judicious, practical and effective toolsThe "ComColors" and "Tools" methods are among them. In fact, how many times in my personal experience and in my relationships, after several sessions with a therapist, have I heard them say "It's great to have all these discussions, but now I've got to work out how to move forward and find a solution to what's eating away at me and what's causing me problems at the moment. I'm waiting for help, for answers. All they do is break down my problems and the various aspects of my suffering, but they never come up with any concrete solutions.

So that's precisely why I've chosen to look at the 'Tools' method, which postulates that we need to reverse the perspective and to focus more on the solution than on the problem.

Thanks to the Tools method, during our sessions, we will be focusing on solutions using practical, effective tools. Together we will work, for example, on solutions to the important questions you are asking yourself, to a situation that is worrying you, to get you back into a positive frame of mind, to (re)find an emotional balance, to get through a bereavement, etc. ... ;

Physical activity improves self-esteem and self-confidence and reduces depression and anxiety. Sport contributes to well-being, whatever your age, and its scope is unrivalled. That's why I'm proposing it as a 3th pillar of my support.

Regular participation in sport promotes psychosocial skills, removes behavioural inhibitions and is one of the best remedies for feeling unwell. Sport helps to boost self-confidence. By pushing back the limits of your body, you give wings to your spirit.


When I talk about sport, I'm talking primarily about physical activity, not high-level sport.

Sport is a way of rediscovering and accepting yourself. The limits you think you've reached are holding you back and preventing you from fulfilling your potential. By pushing them back just a little, you'll realise that you're capable of great things. You'll amaze yourself, and then you'll start to blossom.

Personal fulfilment is the result of your actions, your state of mind and the situations that enable you to achieve a certain level of satisfaction. etc... Sometimes you have to get out of your comfort zone to find fulfilment.

So, with your agreement, I would suggest incorporating physical activity into our sessions, depending on your age, fitness level and preferences (walking, fitness, cycling, etc.).

Whatever physical activity you engage in, your brain produces the vitamins of happinesscalled endorphins or dopamine...

To sum up, my coaching method is based on 3 pillars:




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