Maison d'Ulysse, gîte in Provence

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Your fasting or detox holiday

Benefit from a safe and professional environment, supervised by a team (1 supervisor for every 4 fasters), made up of naturopaths, reflexologists and certified activity coaches, after this "fasting" stay. You'll experience a real physical and mental detox, and feel your energy increase tenfold. A real "Resset" for your body and mind.

Physically, the body is revitalised and reboosted, and you feel lighter and more energetic in every movement.


On the mental side, clarity of mind is a revelation.

On the mental side, clarity of mind is a revelation. Your thoughts will be more orderly, your insight and concentration will be restored, and you'll face everyday challenges with a new resilience.

We help you rethink your eating habits, so that food becomes a source of healthy nutrition and pleasure rather than just an anarchic emotional comfort.  


Maison d'Ulysse offers you a wide range of holiday themes: yoga, hiking, golf, personal development, art... Immerse yourself in a week of well-being while nurturing one of your passions.


If a fasting holiday is too restrictive for you, then opt for a detox holiday.With a formula based on fruit, vegetables and freshly squeezed juices, detoxing does more than just help you lose weight. It detoxifies the body, leaving you feeling better and revitalised.

Yoga - Maison d'Ulysse - Mas de Charme en Provence

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