Maison d'Ulysse, gîte in Provence

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House of Ulysses

Your artistic holiday / Art Therapy

In the haven of peace that is Maison d'Ulysse, discover the best in yourself by the creativity and positive energy that blossoms within you.

Nelly and her team can put together the perfect package for you, including a healthy diet, physical activities of your choice, relaxation sessions, one-to-one personal development sessions and art workshops.

Art therapy is a powerful way of discovering and guiding your own inner journey. That's why, if you're looking for a unique and transformative experience, if you have an attraction for art, this stay seems to be made for you.


creative space

At Ulysse, Stéphanie and Anaïs offer you a privileged space for creativity and expression.. The worries of everyday life fade away, giving way to a deep sense of freedom and well-being. Your hands become an extension of your spirit, passionately crafting works that carry within them all your feelings, your moods and your hopes.

We are fortunate to be located just a few minutes from the ceramics capital of Saint Quentin La Poterie to ceramic exhibitions, meetings with artists in residence, ceramic courses, will also be on the programme during your stay.

In this space of creativity and expression, you'll find a refuge where you can be yourself to the full, without constraints or judgements. Artistic creation (drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, etc.), for enable you to get in touch with your inner life (feelings, dreams, the unconscious, etc.), from express it and transform yourself.

Each of your creations will be a symbol of the alchemy between your inner life and your ability to express it. to integrate awareness and change within yourself.

House of Ulysses

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Your artistic holiday / Art Therapy

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